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When your child is facing a developmental barrier, we are here to help. At AMP Pediatric Therapy, we are dedicated to helping children of every age progress towards their developmental milestones. Whether your child needs help with handwriting skills, catching and throwing a ball or increasing communication skills, we have a therapist that is a perfect fit for your child and your family. Our practice is currently home to more than 35 different therapists, who offer speech, physical, and occupational therapy for kids. We are continually looking to grow our practice by adding skilled compassionate professionals to our team of amazing therapist.

We give you and your child everything you need to face  the challenges that only parents of special needs kids can relate to. We work closely with the parents and caregivers of our kids. We are passionate about teaching you how to help your child succeed!

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We know that as parents, you live very busy lives, so we strive to make our sessions as manageable as possible. We work around your schedule and offer late afternoon and weekend appointments. Our pediatric speech therapists and pediatric occupational therapists are solely committed to  come to your home to perform therapy in your child's natural environment.

Some of the Diagnoses We Treat

» Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
» Autism
» Coordination Disorders
» Developmental Delays
» Receptive & Expressive Language Barrier
» Cerebral Palsy
» Motor Delays
» Prematurity
» Eating Disorders
» Speech Delays

Let us help your child
achieve their milestones.

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