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About Our Pediatric Therapists in Orlando, FL

AMP Pediatric Therapy was founded in 2014 by Alexander and Alexandra Perez, PT. Alexandra has been a pediatric physical therapist for more than 20 years and has worked in multiple settings, such as outpatient clinics, hospitals, schools, daycares, and home care.

After taking the leap to become health care company owners, we go to great lengths to hire therapists that are both kind and highly skilled in their field. AMP Pediatric Therapy currently offers pediatric physical, speech, and occupational therapy to patients in their natural environment in the Central Florida area. When you need to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled pediatric therapists in Orlando, FL, reach out to our friendly staff.

When it comes to pediatric occupational therapy, it’s vital to consider every aspect of a child’s medical situation. Our therapists work in sync with the rest of your child’s care team to provide the most effective therapy solutions. We are devoted to making sure that the children under our care exceed in the development of their gross motor and fine motor skills. We keep the family members and caretakers informed about their child's diagnosis, treatment approach, and home exercise program. By doing this, we are creating a team effort to assist the child receiving therapy. We pride ourselves on offering our families more than just therapy.

Affordable Occupational Therapy for Children

Medical care of any sort can put a strain on a family’s finances. Our center strives to make our therapy services accessible to all income levels and means by providing affordable therapy appointments and accepting a variety of healthcare plans. When you need to discuss your payment options with our staff, feel free to get in touch with our office. We make every effort to work with families to get their children the care and therapy they need to succeed in life now and in the future. To make our services more affordable, we accept a number of insurance policies for our occupational therapy for children. We are currently taking:

To make our services more affordable, we accept a number of insurance policies. We are currently taking:

» Children's Medical Services
» Medicaid
» Staywell™
» Blue Cross Blue Shield™
» United Healthcare™ (Private and Medicaid)

Contact us to schedule a visit to our clinic or discuss your needs. We are proudly located in Orlando, Florida.

Testimonials of our Orlando Pediatric Physical Therapist

"Mrs. Alex has been with us since my daughter, Angelyse, was born prematurely and needed physical therapy. When she first started with us to present time, I've seen a huge change in my Angelyse. My daughter absolutely loves her and we wouldn't changer her for no other. I am so happy to have found her and that she's working with Angelyse. I have faith in her, and I know my daughter is in the best of hands"—Mayte H.

"Home therapy has been a blessing for my granddaughter, Eliana. I believe home therapy is better suited for her emotionally and physically. She is in a warm, loving, and secure atmosphere during her therapy sessions, instead of a cold impersonal room at a health care facility. My granddaughter has continually improved with her range of motion, posture, and body strength. I've encountered people at school sporting events, and I've been questioned about her condition. They tell me she is looking well and are amazed at how well she maneuvers up and down bleachers and stairs. It feels great to hear this coming from nurses and therapist that are not even associated with her care. 

Ms. Alex always updates me on Eliana's progress and what she needs to work on, and she even demonstrates new exercises. Home therapy gives us the advantage of being hands-on with her program and exercises.  We are able to continue her exercises and stretches throughout the week at home.

My granddaughter looks forward to her therapy sessions with Ms. Alex and strives to do her best. Ms. Alex not only cares for her patient, but she goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of the crazy schedule we have in our family. Ms. Alex is my granddaughter's therapist, but we feel as if she is also part of our family. Thank you Ms. Alex for always being there for our Eliana."—Martha D.

"I thank God for bringing Ms. Alex into our lives. Since his birth, my son, Isaiah, has had a congenital heart disease and there have been many complications with his health and development because of it. The constant streams of surgeries and appointments following his development made me unable to have a constant schedule for his physical therapy. Because of that, I began looking into options and stumbled on Ms. Alex. She made my responsibility so much easier to cope with by providing therapy for my son at home. She also taught me a few techniques to help him get stronger.

His family, friends, classmates, teachers, and everyone surrounding him have all noticed his continuous progress-both physically and socially-because of the physical therapy. Every year of his life was a different struggle and brought about many life lessons. Thanks to Ms. Alex's dedication and commitment to Isaiah's condition, he was able to get stronger and conquer his fears. Physical therapy at home has been the best way in getting more done in my personal life with my other children. Ms. Alex has been a major part of Isaiah's process in getting stronger and being able to live a normal life. To Isaiah, she is family and the bond between the two has been beneficial to his recuperation and healing."
—Melissa S.

Turn to a trained pediatric physical therapist to help your child exceed in the development of their gross motor and fine motor skills. Located in Orlando, FL, we help children gain mobility.